Slower growth for Tailor-made Furniture, faster for Finished Furniture sales?

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Having experienced the lowest point of industry in 2018, obviously furniture industry is now on a steeper bridge to cross the red sea.

Even like the tailor-made furniture industry that always have good profits, they feel not easy as well recently. Some media has analyzed te financial data of 6 big tailor-made furniture suppliers: comparing the growth of first 3 quarters from 2017 to 2018, all enterprises has slower growth, except SHANGPIN has rapid growth for first two quarters & OPPEIN in 1st. Quarter.

Slower growth for Tailor-made Furniture, faster for Finished Furniture sales?

From 2008 to 2015, the steady growth more than 30% for these enterprises will now slow down, which is certainly the case.

The drop of tailor-made furniture remind us of the old days of plank furniture. In the past, the fashion of plank furniture just like the flash in the pan. Now the plank furniture has tried their best to cover the shortage, but it will never be No.1 in the industry.

changes everyday. Once there is chance, there will be new enterprise to seize then going backward to win. We take a look at the tailor-made furniture and think about it: whether the tailor-made furniture becomes the plank furniture to let the other trends going up?

Slower growth for tailor-made furniture, will this speed up the growth of finished furniture?

Nowadays, when you mention about tailor-made furniture, we will still compare it with finished furniture. When tailor-made furniture is expanding rapidly, the market share reduced step by step. The colding of tailor-made market, whether it will bring other chances to bring new air to finished furniture?

The answer may be NO.

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