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About Furniture Suppliers

PROMISING FURNITURE is a furniture-producing Furniture Suppliers company whose products can be featured as unique and optmistic – full of inspiration and imagination.
PROMISING FURNITURE spent over 10 years in developing new designs and strive for innovation, also helps customers to realize their dreams of home decoration.
PROMISING FURNITURE introduces fashion and trends, then develop ranges for different people at different age. Being profession manufacturer, PROMISING FURNITURE will continue to creat brand new styles for your home and leisure.

Unique R&D

Combination of expertise and imagination is the secret of our design!

Professional Team

All team mates are professional in funiture line and focus on good quality!

Good choice for Prices

Our furniture meet all people's needs and we offer them at reasonable prices!

Our Furniture Factory Offer


from 109.99

Dining Chairs Wholesale

from 59.99

Defined by its smooth edge that hugs the body, our Modern Side Chairs experiment with texture and tone to make a statement in any room. These dining chairs designs pair smooth leather with rich shine that will rise up the whole taste of your chairs selection.


Dining Tables

from 300.99


from 99.99

Our dining table calls attention to contemporary line and stylish shape, placing a MDF top on a modern metal base bring your living room vivid life.



from 1560.58


from 1560.58

When family members all home, sofa is their favorite place to have fund room-for-all. Our cozy sofas provides very comfortable sitting when adding supports on the back as part of decoration, covering back and seat of sofa.


Furniture News

Slower growth for Tailor-made Furniture, faster for Finished Furniture sales?
Slower growth for Tailor-made Furniture, faster for Finished Furniture sales?
Having experienced the lowest point of industry in 2018, obviously furniture industry is now on a steeper bridge to cross the red sea. Even like the tailor-made furniture industry that always have good profits, they feel not easy as well recently.…
Finished Furniture declining that cannot back upwards?
Finished Furniture declining that cannot back upwards?
In the competition of all furniture, finished furniture obviously will not a winner. They will need to face the shrinking market as facing deep waters. But, if you take it for granted that finished furniture is over its time, it…